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Common issues and how to resolve them
Issues when receiving a quote and submitting a swap

Insufficient balance

The amount of tokens you want to swap is greater than your wallet balance. Try entering a lower amount.

Price impact warning

The amount you are trying to swap is significant compared to the selected token’s available liquidity. You are more likely to get a better price if you lower the swap amount.

The amount you're trying to swap is lower than the fixed bridge fee

If the amount of tokens you are trying to swap is less than the cross-chain gas fee, this means you will not have enough tokens to cover the transaction. Try increasing the swap amount.

Wallet confirmation failed

You did not submit the swap by confirming in your wallet and so the transaction was unable to start. Return to the swap page and try again.

Fees are high

Squid overestimates gas by 50% to guarantee your trade. Any gas we don’t use will be refunded by Axelar. If fees are extra high, this is likely because gas fees are spiking on either of the chains you are swapping across.
If you received a gas refund, this will appear on Axelarscan after your transaction is complete. Gas refunds happen automatically and only happen if you overpaid for gas when you swapped using Squid.

Additional support

If none of the above information helps you resolve your issue, or if you have any other questions about using the widget, please open a ticket.
If your question concerns a transaction you made via the widget, please provide the Axelarscan link or your wallet address along with your request so we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.