Squid User Guide
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Understand the widget's settings
The settings can be accessed by clicking the settings icon.

Slippage tolerance

Slippage is the price variation you are willing to accept in the event that the price of the trade changes while it is processing.
If in the unlikely case the trade fails due to too-low slippage, you will receive Squid's routing token (eg. axlUSDC) on the destination chain. Read more about how to resolve this issue in the Troubleshooting section.

Infinite approval

When you swap tokens with the widget for the first time, you have to grant Squid permission to route the tokens for you.
By checking the Infinite Approval setting, you authorize Squid to route an unlimited amount of them. In some instances, unchecking the Infinite Approval option can improve your security since it limits the amount that is approved by Squid's Router contract.