Quote details

Understanding the widget's quote area
Before you do a swap, the widget will show you a quote with an overview of the transaction.

Minimum to receive

This is the minimum amount of tokens that you will receive on the destination chain, based on the selected slippage. If prices change beyond this minimum-to-receive amount during your cross-chain transaction, then the Squid’s contracts will send you axlUSDC, which you can then swap into your desired destination token.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate refers to the exchange rate Squid will give you across the two tokens. This rate might be different to single chain rates, as prices often vary depending on the chain.

Estimated processing time

This is how long you can expect to wait before your transaction completes. Processing time is dependent on what the source chain is. Cross-chain must wait until the source chain reaches strong “finality”.
Finality on some chains, like Avalanche, may only be 5 seconds, whereas others, such as Ethereum and Polygon, take much longer to reach finality (5-15 minutes). Axelar is the blockchain securing Squid’s cross-chain swaps, and its finality is around 10-15 seconds.