How to do a cross-chain swap

A step-by-step guide

1. Connect a wallet

The wallet that you connect should contain the tokens you want to swap. You can do this by clicking the “connect wallet” button at the top right of the “From” section of the widget. When your wallet is connected successfully, you will see your wallet address appear in place of the “connect wallet” button.

2. Select your "from" tokens

Choose the token and chain you would like to swap from via the drop down lists in the “From” section. Tokens in your wallet on that chain will be displayed at the top of the list.

3. Select your "to" tokens

Choose the token and chain you would like to swap to via the drop downs lists in the “To” section.
If you are sending tokens from EVM to Cosmos, you will be prompted to add a destination address. You can fill this address by connecting a second wallet on the destination chain, or by copy-pasting a compatible address into the “Send to a custom address” section.

4. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to send

This amount should be inputted in the "From" section. The equivalent value in dollars will appear in dollars as per Coingecko’s prices. A detailed quote for your cross-chain swap or transfer will appear in the sections below.
When you’re happy with the quote, you’re ready to swap!

5. Switch networks and approve

If your wallet is connected to a different chain than the one you are sending from, you will be asked to switch networks before submitting. If you are swapping from a token on a specific chain for the first time, you will be asked to sign a transaction in your wallet which approves Squid’s smart contracts to use your tokens.

6. Click the "Submit" button

This will prompt you to confirm the transaction in your wallet, and then you're done!