Gas fees and refunds

Understanding the widget's transaction fees
Gas fees are presented as one number in the quote, but contain two key gas costs: Source chain gas and cross-chain gas fees.

How do I pay gas fees?

Both source chain and cross-chain gas fees are an extra cost, paid via your wallet.
There is one exception: when sending tokens to a Cosmos chain, an extra fee will be taken out of the amount you are sending. The fee taken is dependent on the source chain and can be found using this tool.

Source chain gas

This is the estimated amount of gas you will need to pay on the source chain. Upon submitting a transaction, you are required to pay this amount via your wallet.
Gas fees are charged in the main currency of the source chain - for example, gas for a transaction from Ethereum is paid for in ETH.

Cross-chain gas fee

Token transfers across chains are charged a fixed network gas fee by Axelar. You can see all of Axelar’s fees here.
Cross-chain gas fees are subtracted from the amount you swap, which means they are included in the quoted exchange rate and estimated receive amount.

Gas refunds

In order to maximise success rates, Squid's smart contracts take a deposit to cover gas costs during the transaction. Once the transaction has completed, the amount left unused is refunded to the user automatically on the source chain, in the source chain's native gas token.
To check whether gas has been refunded, please check your transaction's Axelarscan link.