All about Squid's cross-chain widget
These are the user docs. If you’re looking for the developer docs, you can find them here.

What is a cross-chain swap widget?

A cross-chain swap widget is a tool that allows users to swap one token for another, where the assets are on different blockchains.
Squid’s widget makes use of their developer tools to enable swaps across a wide range of tokens and chains. By integrating the widget, anyone can host their own cross-chain front end and customize it to their brand in a matter of minutes.

What is Squid?

Squid is a cross-chain liquidity router that allows users to swap their assets between blockchains and access applications across chains.
Through Squid's API and SDK and front-end widget, developers and projects can build fast, secure and seamless cross-chain functionality into their products, allowing them to access the entire crypto ecosystem.
Squid is built on Axelar Network - a blockchain that connects blockchains, enabling universal Web3 interoperability through token bridging and general message passing. The network is secured using proof-of-stake consensus, and messages are routed and translated using permissionless protocols.

Why use Squid’s cross-chain swap widget?

Squid’s widget exists to make the process of swapping tokens across chains as convenient and user friendly as possible. It can save you time and hassle by finding the route for you and combining every required interaction into a single click.
This means you don’t need to use a centralized exchange, find the right bridge or handle wrapped assets. Just input the token and chain you want to swap from-and-to and get the tokens you need right from within the widget’s interface.

Where to use the widget

Squid's widget can be easily integrated into any front-end, and we're thrilled that a number of partners are leveraging it to enable cross-chain swaps for their users. You will be able to use the widget through projects who have integrated it - including QuickSwap, StellaSwap, SpookySwap - and more tbc!
You can also try the widget and play around with the customizer at